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Collate sensor data in the cloud, with sensors recording temperatures, humidity, water leaks, movement and gases. Monitor for equipment or air-conditioning failures.

Cloud Forms

Build your own forms or use the forms in our library to record deliveries, dispatches, field service tasks, employee training and certificates.


Informital expertise to help you build your forms or import forms from our library

IoT Sensors


Internet of Things sensors in your business use dedicated radio frequencies to send sensor readings via your internet router to the cloud


Monitor temperatures to get notified about equipment failures such as air-conditioning units, fridges & freezers


Data is stored & visible to you on informital for analysis or inspection during audits

About Informital

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Use Cases

Informital is flexible enough to assist in many industries including


Pharmacies, Dentists, Research

Automate temperature recordings of medicine fridges and vaccines saving costs on staff time. Receive alerts when the temperatures are not compliant allowing you to save stock in the event of power or equipment failures.


Restaurants, cafes, butchers

Automate temperature recordings of food fridges and freezers saving costs on staff time. Use our digital HACCP forms allowing staff to keep food safety records centralised.



Florists, Nurseries

Automate temperature and humidity recordings of fridges to receive alerts in the event of power failures or equipment failures.

Remote Field Workers

Plumbers, Electricians

Build your own forms so remote field engineers can report on job status.

Inverness McKenzie

Inverness McKenzie

Business Owner

"We have no regrets! After using your product my business skyrocketed! I made back the purchase price in just 48 hours! I couldn't have asked for more than this."

Hanson Deck

Hanson Deck

Independent Artist

"Your company is truly upstanding and is behind its product 100 percent. Hestia is worth much more than I paid. I like Hestia more each day because it makes easier."

Natalya Undergrowth

Natalya Undergrowth


"Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free! I am so pleased with this product. Dude, your stuff is great! I will refer everyone I know."


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